From its humble beginnings in 2008 to its ninth-annual event in 2016, Free Shipping Day has received notable press and media recognition from top broadcast, print and online outlets. The national and regional attention the event receives drives traffic to retailers big and small and gives shoppers an opportunity to plan their shopping strategy ahead of the site going live.

If you're a journalist or blogger and want to learn more about Free Shipping Day, contact of the greatest made-up holidays of modern times.

Free Shipping Day...wasn't the brainchild of corporate America. The credit goes instead to an ambitious 30-year old entrepreneur named Luke Knowles.

You can't have a discussion about the free-shipping trend during the holiday season without mentioning Free Shipping Day.

If you plan to ship a boatload of gifts this season, you might want to skip Black Friday altogether and wait until Free Shipping Day.

Procrastinators, rejoice! Free Shipping Day is here to make sure your loved ones get their holiday swag on time, and for cheap.

Today is Free Shipping Day, the annual 24-hour answer to every late-in-the-season gift shopper's prayers.

Free Shipping Day was recently featured on DealCrunch! Check out their profile of our humble beginnings in 2008 and what we have planned for 2018 and beyond.