About Free Shipping Day

Free Shipping Day 2018Free Shipping Day is a national shopping holiday and a year-round coupon website. The shopping holiday started in 2008, while the coupon portion of the website launched in 2017 as a trusted resource for online savings, providing users with coupons and free shipping codes from top retail partners and niche e-retailers.

The billion-dollar national shopping holiday, hosted in mid-December, features over 1,000 retail participants offering free shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve. Learn more about this year's event or sign up to participate!

Free Shipping Day is managed by Kinoli Inc., a small business in Northern Colorado which also operates CouponSherpa.com and has created many other money-saving tools.


Like most of history's best ideas, Free Shipping Day was conceived on a toilet.

While managing his successful free shipping-focused website, internet entrepreneur Luke Knowles noticed a puzzling trend among users: online shopping seemed to drop off around Dec. 10. Most retailers were capable of shipping orders in time for the holidays much later in the month, but shoppers were too concerned about on-time delivery and exorbitant shipping fees to place orders. One fateful morning, it struck Knowles that an event promoting free shipping and on-time delivery for orders placed in late December was just what the holiday season needed, and Free Shipping Day was born.

The first event was organized in just two weeks (by Luke and his one employee) and featured 250 participating merchants, including such retail giants as Target, JCPenney and Pottery Barn. After a sleepless night on Dec. 17, 2008, Knowles “flipped the switch” on the site at midnight on Dec. 18 for the first-ever Free Shipping Day. The flagship event earned $764 million in online sales and became one of the top 10 highest-earning days in e-commerce during the holiday season that year.

Fast forward 10 years and Free Shipping Day is a permanent entry in the holiday shopping lexicon, garnering high-profile media attention and hundreds of thousands of visitors to its site. Retailers large and small partner with Free Shipping Day to capture sales from shoppers eager to finish or fulfill their holiday lists in mid- to late-December. Early birds have Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but procrastinators will always rejoice on Free Shipping Day.


In its 10 years as a national holiday, Free Shipping Day achieved several milestones, including breaking retail records and earning over $1 billion in online sales within just a few years of the initial event. When the team decided to tighten up participation requirements and ask merchants to waive minimum order thresholds for the event, feedback from shoppers was overwhelmingly positive. Free shipping on all orders continues to be a cornerstone of the event today.

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The Free Shipping Day team is a committed group of multiple-hat wearers who strive to offer the best experience for users and retailers alike. Under the tutelage of CEO Luke Knowles, a staff of fewer than one dozen employees manage the day-to-day operations of the Free Shipping Day website and are instrumental in organizing the annual holiday shopping event.

In addition to our team leaders, the event could not be possible without the hard-working developers, content producers and offer managers who ensure the site can accommodate hundreds of thousands of eager shoppers.

The Free Shipping Day event takes months of planning and the crew celebrates on Free Shipping Day with a BBQ lunch, big grins and for some, jazz hands.